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Technology of the Near Future

January 16th, 2016 | by Alisa Ali
Technology of the Near Future

According to Back to the Future we should all be zipping around in flying cars right now. Although that sounds awesome it is far from the norm, we do have some really neat toys debuting this year. What we will have in store for us are virtual reality gear, drones and helpful internet doo-hickeys.  I am totally excited for some of these awesome toys are you?

Virtual Reality Headsets Enter the Home

In spring 2016 we anticipate the arrival of the long-anticipated Oculus Rift Headset, followed by HTC’s Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR. The advanced sensors and imaging in the headsets promise intense experiences that will make you feel like you’re in a teleporter. Although the appeal for virtual reality is set towards games and other fantasy flights,  thanks to investments in 360-degree video and apps, you’ll also be able to see a concert from a front row seat, sit in meetings you may otherwise miss or flip into a virtual reality port to hug family members who are distances away from home.

The long-awaited Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset is slated to arrive this spring.

Smarter Assistants

Currently ,Google and Facebook are at odds building the perfect virtual assistant.  Your personal assistance will become a lot more useful in this upcoming year allowing users to book reservations , buy gifts online for friends, pay bills, play games, translate messages or send your mom a happy mothersday message.

Smarter Drone Technology

Taking professional looking pictures on a vacation is every scrapbooking mom’s dream. Everyone loves the ariel look of drone photography. Imagine the beauty of drone photography without having to fly the drone.

One drone maker, Lily, plans to release a waterproof model that launches when flung into the air. Once launched it follows you around as you kayak, ski or take a sunset selfie on the beach.

The Lily drone, delayed until later in 2016, is designed to be waterproof and able to follow you around.

Happy New USB Port!

USB technology has been around for what it seems like to be the dinosaur ages. It has not changed throughout the creation of smarter gaming technology, smaller thinner laptops or the invention of tablets. Finally in 2015 the appearance of a  smaller, faster USB-Type-C port appeared in the new MacBook and in Google’s Nexus 6P smart phone.

2016  will be the year it also turns up in monitors, hard drives and just about every other technology you can think of. else. The most innovative part about the USB Type-C is that it is capable of two-way power, so one port on a laptop could be used to charge the battery and connect an external drive. This should result in fewer cords, plus faster charging.

Voice-Operated Everything

Shhh……. The gadgets are listening. Voice-operated electronics are going to become more intelligent this upcoming year incorporating new devices such as Smart TVs, toys,  sound systems and household electronics.

All-Seeing Cameras

In 2016 smartphones and point-and-shoots are going to be sprouting multiple lenses and sensors to improve image quality, depth and generate 3-D imagery. The RealSense by Intel already contains multi-sensor cameras to measure rooms and use facial ID at login.

Also the Light L16 which is coming out summer 2016 is the must have camera of the year,  employing 16 lens-and-sensor modules of varying focal lengths to capture massive 52-megapixel scenes.

Sensor and Sensibility

Household items are going to become apart of the “Smart” device world by using sensors and an internet connection. Thanks to programs like Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service which uses sensors that are built into devices like Brita water pitchers, Brother printers and Whirlpool washers to automatically order more supplies when you’re running low.

As we move forward we are becoming more innovative 2016 is just the beginning for imagery and imagination.





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