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What is Vinyl House?

Vinyl House is a multi-platform, interactive media network that connects you with the latest music, style, tech, culture and art.

It’s a place where music fans can interact with one another, as well as artists, producers and DJs through a unique, multimedia experience.

Aside from being a site that follows current topics, Vinyl House is also a social forum where musicians and people in the industry can meet, share music and collaborate. It’s also a platform for artists to gain exposure through radio shows, podcasts, videos, interviews and articles.

Vinyl House constantly uploads news and feature stories on current topics, so fans can stay connected with the latest trends. We also broadcast feature shows frequently, such as the weekly Man Up Show, which are all available for live-streaming.

Vinyl House also offers features that allow you to chat and share content with other users, all the while listening to new music or reading exclusive stories. You can upload your favourite songs, find people with similar tastes and easily share content with others. That kind of interactivity is everything a modern media consumer could ask for.

Registration is absolutely free and by signing up you can experience every aspect of Vinyl House, from chatting with musicians to live-streamed podcasts. You can even sync your account directly with social media, making it easy to sign up and stay connected. Don’t worry though; you can still access tons of Vinyl House content without a membership.


Vinyl House connects the music with the people.

Vinyl House