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Who is Snakehips???

May 9th, 2015 | by
Who is Snakehips???

If you don’t know already the UK has been producing some incredible music for a very long time now. The production and ability to transform everyday music into something that sounds brand new and fresh is out of this world. Sometimes because of commercial radio we don’t get the chance to listen to what the world is producing. This is why it is so important that DJ’s step outside this box and research move music that is not just top 40. Now that I have finished with my rant let’s talk Snakehips – an electronic/PBR&B music group from the United Kingdom. I am very familiar with the music so I decided to crack the internet and find out more about a sound that I thought was incredible and needed world wide attention. I was able to find Facebook pages, twitter accounts which we have followed and liked of course, but we are still wanting to know more about Snakehips – So I have put out a call for Snakehips, with music that is so good it must be heard and we must continue to push the movement forward.

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  1. Mark Duah says:

    I would love some of that snake bite!!

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