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Where does Killa Cam Rank in the greatest MC’s?

August 18th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Where does Killa Cam Rank in the greatest MC’s?
killa cam purple haze

Cam’ron Purple Haze

Where does Killa Cam Rank in the greatest MC’s?

We always spend time discussing the best Hip Hop MC’s of all time. All those these are difficult conversations they generally start and end with some of the following Nas, Jay Z, B.I.G, Rakim, 2 Pac. One thing that we don’t always discuss is the others. There are MC’s that have made a large impact in the game and that had some serious skill.

Killa Cam was one of those so we ask the Hip Hop community – Where does Killa Cam rank in the game.

So Killa had a very different style it was some Dr Seuss skills many would say. What we cannot deny is his word play.

So Killa definately grew in his style over the years and moved away from tracks such as “Horse and Carriage” (Click to Here)

Killa has been responsible for hot tracks such as “Get ‘Em Girls” – This was when he was on top of his game and the Diplomats really started to make a move in the Hip Hop Game.

So one thing has to be said about Killa’s movement in the game during that time, He was backed by the ROC and also had some of the best producers in the game, producers like Kanye and Just Blaze. Even before that Killa was killing tracks and he was a force to deal with. So as a reminder this post is about who are the Hip Hop MC’s to be mentioned after the greats. If you want to go back check out “Let Me Know”. or “357”

Killa is someone that should be mentioned in the other group I believe because of what he brings and brought to the game. It is not only his flow which is definitely something to be mentioned since he started a new trend and kind of led the new school rappers in the game. He also had a style that some would say captured the industry. What do you think about Killa?




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