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Wait a minute who is this group P-Square

May 3rd, 2015 | by
Wait a minute who is this group P-Square

If you don’t know who P-Square is you need to start to listen carefully. It is very likely that while you are out in the club and throwing your hands up to that track that you just can’t get enough of it may be a group by the name of P-Square are a Nigerian R&B duo composed of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. P-Square has had some of the hottest tracks in the last few years –

“Personally” recorded in 2013 made the night scene blow up and if you didn’t hear it you may be going to the wrong night spots. You can see the influence that the great Michael Jackson had on both of them throughout the video.

I cannot forget “Taste the Money” released in 2014 many people got upset because they felt that they should have showcased a black woman in the video instead of the white woman that was. What they didn’t see was the girl in the video was actually a bag handler which is ironic based on what the song is about, again a A+ delivery.

Finally “Collabo” released in 2015 P-Square set it off again

So if you have not yet make sure to check out this very talented group. We continue to await the newest releases from P-Square breaking the barriers down and making sure that their music is noticed world wide.

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