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Track of the Day goes to Hopsin – “No Words”

October 9th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Track of the Day goes to Hopsin – “No Words”

I have had so much to say about today’s Hip Hop and I spend so much time arguing with people about how it is complete garbage. Well I am happy to say someone has been able to put what I am saying into a Rap verse and a video. I am not going to lie I have never heard of┬áHopsin before but he dropped a track called – “No Words. This track is so on point with what the music is like today I am going to need to add it to my library. If you can tell me that the average person in the club would not be going off to this track if it was made Migos you are full of ya I said it SHIT. Watch and listen to the track above and tell us what you think



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