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Top Liberal Promises – Will Trudeau Come Through?

October 22nd, 2015 | by Donny-B
Top Liberal Promises – Will Trudeau Come Through?

When Harper said, “Canadians have spoken,” I think “screamed” would have been more accurate…

The voter turn-out clocked in at 68.5% from 61% in 2011. The Conservative Party lost 60 seats and their majority to the Liberals, New Democrats were practically gutted by center-left swing voters, Duceppe didn’t even win his own riding, and the Greens are essentially as strong as ever. Turbulent times, indeed…

As the dust settles, the next few months will be telling. The Liberals Party will begin implementing their platform, etching out the federal budget, naming cabinet ministers, and building their policy agenda. So, what did we vote for and what do we want out of our new government?

CBC – Voter turnout spikes after long, unpredictable campaign

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Under Trudeau, a few new notable changes should be expected. First, the 45k-90k bracket will see a tax reduction from 22% to 20.5%. Second, Trudeau will create a new tax bracket targeting very wealthy households. Before, the bracket was capped at 139k with a rate of 29%. Now, it will be 139k to 200k, and 200k and above, taxed at 29% and 33% respectively. Last, there is the Canada Child Benefit. According to the plan, households earning 50k or less will see a $2k benefit, shrinking to about $1000 for households taking in less than 100k+.

Prosperity, Social Justice and Taxation – Trudeau Plan vs Harper Plan


The Deficit

The Liberal Party was very clear: we are going to have deficit spending. But, don’t fret! As it’s said, you have to spend money to make money. According to Keynesian effect, deficit spending in a recession can stimulate the economy through a multiplier effect. Government projects employ people and businesses, the earned wages recirculate into the economy in the form of consumer spending, savings, and investment, further pushing up aggregate demand and lowering unemployment over the long run.

Wiki – Deficit Spending – Keynesian Effect

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Bill C-24

A provision in Bill C-24 states that the government may revoke the Canadian citizenship of dual-citizens who are convicted of terrorism, high treason, and other serious offenses. A dual-citizen, in this case, is anyone who born out of Canada, born within Canada but have another nationality, or if they are eligible to obtain another nationality. Trudeau staunchly opposes these provisions and will repeal them.

Huffington Post – Bill C-24: Trudeau Targeted In Attack Ad, But Defends Position At Munk Debate

Huffington Post – Bill C-24: Trudeau Says Terrorists Shouldn’t Be Stripped Of Citizenship In Leaked Audio

Global News – Trudeau: Repeal elements of Bill C-24 that creates second class citizens

Photo courtesy of CTV News.


Bill C-51

Trudeau’s stance on Bill C-51 is a divided one. He doesn’t intend to scrap the Bill. He believes there are elements which legitimately enhance our national security and individual safety of Canadians. He promises, however, to amend it with sunset clauses and additional oversight in order to protect our individual rights.

CBC – C-51, controversial anti-terrorism bill, is now law. So, what changes?

CBC – 5. What is Justin Trudeau’s stance on Bill C-51?


Aboriginal Issues

This subject includes everything from missing women to basic access to drinking water, and there’s no one-trick pony that will fix it all. In light of that complexity, Trudeau has promised to open dialogues with community representatives and devote funding to infrastructure development and education.

Liberal Party of Canada – 61. Priority Resolution: Aboriginal Issues

Montreal Gazette – Trudeau vows to mend Canada’s ‘broken’ relationship with aboriginal peoples


Electoral Reform

RevolutionTrudeau promises within 18 months of forming government, the Liberal Party will move forward on the issue of electoral reform. He’s vowed not only to scrap the First-Past-The-Post system, but also reform question period in the House of Commons, impose new spending limits on political parties, appoint a demographically representative cabinet, standardize public service and render them more accountable, and create an internet-based services to enhance public access to government benefits and documents.

National Post – Trudeau announces plan to kill first-past-the-post by the next election

Liberal Party of Canada – A Fair and Open Government

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weedIn short, Trudeau said he’d legalize it. In the end, it has a three-fold effect. One, by streamlining access to marijuana like alcohol, it crowds out criminal elements and discourages them from distributing substances to minors. Two, it saves our justice system a great deal of resources. Three, it legitimizes a large market, opening opportunities for employment and real growth.

I believe he will amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and leave it to provinces and municipalities to deal with weed as they see fit.




CBC – Trudeau pledges to work on pot legalization policy ‘right away’ if elected

680 News – Trudeau’s in charge – so when will weed be legalized?

Government of Canada – Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

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