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To Beef or Not to Beef

August 13th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
To Beef or Not to Beef

Drake and Meek Mill

“To beef or Not to beef”? that is the question

We all know that it has been a back and forth, well more of a forth and forth between Drake and Meek Mill. We are not going to bore everyone with the way that it started, but what we do know is that Drake hit Meek with charged up a so so album, after that he hit him again with Back to Back, which was fairly damaging. Once Drake gave the lessons, Meek decided to come back with “Wanna Know”

That track did not go over to well and Meek started to get hit hard on twitter and by other artists in the industry. This is a quick synopsis of the last few weeks for more detail click here

Well Meek has recently stated on Instagram “I’m not entertaining no rap/real beef over drake s/o a rapper!” according to a tweet from DJ Akademiks.

I am not opposed to this strategy the last few weeks have been hell for Meek and maybe he is thinking that this is not worth it in the long run. We cannot forget it was just a few months ago these two artists recorded a record. Maybe it’s time to let things settle and get back to the plan at hand.

Check out a few tracks by Drake and Meek



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