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Tidal takes a leap into live streaming

July 23rd, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Tidal takes a leap into live streaming


Live streaming concerts has become a very popular trend. The online broadcasts allow fans to see their favourite artists, regardless if they can get to a concert or not.

The online music network, Tidal, has been under attack from many people for issues related to downloading music. However, the company continues to move forward in the field of live streaming.

This year, Lil Wayne’s “Lil Weezyana Fest” will be live streamed on Tidal exclusively.



Also coming to Tidal this year is “Let’s Get It: TM101,” a tenth-anniversary concert for Young Jeezy. That show will also be available for live streaming, exclusively for Tidal users.

It seems Tidal might have been dropping the ball when it comes to downloadable music, but its leading the way in live streaming with some of the biggest names in the business. If Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy are backing the project, there’s no telling how many other rappers will follow suit.



So, say what you want about Tidal but the company continues to move forward with celebrities who can set trends. It should be interesting to see which other artists take after Lil Wayne and Jeezy, and if this live streaming project will be successful.

One thing is certain: Tidal is taking risks and trying to better itself, and that alone deserves respect.




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