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The Weeknd “Tell Your Friends” Video

August 25th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
The Weeknd “Tell Your Friends” Video

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The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” Video

The Weeknd has been having some kind of year with music that has been on top of the charts non stop. He also just announced his upcoming tour as well as his new album¬†Beauty Behind the Madness.¬†Now we get to see one of his latest videos “Tell Your Friends” produced by Kanye West.

The Weeknd is so far ahead of the competition in the R&B game it is crazy. He has the ability to go from a love ballet right back into his raw grimy style which is seen in this video.

The video starts with someone baring someone alive who looks like The Weeknd on the next shot it is The Weeknd baring himself. With lines like “Last year I did all the politicking, this year Imma focus on the vision”

It seems like he is saying that he did what he needed to do to get into the pop culture world and now it is back to the music he loves to write and I couldn’t agree more. People don’t realize how raw The Weeknd is with his music, especially is you have only heard him from some of his recent tracks.

The video and track is fantastic check it out here



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