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The Vienna BlackBerry’s Second Android Powered Mobile Phone

November 24th, 2015 | by Alisa Ali
The Vienna BlackBerry’s Second Android Powered Mobile Phone


BlackBerry has leaked photos of the Vienna, which is a code name for the second android powered BlackBerry device to be released. The device is a spin off of the BlackBerry Leap which wasn’t a fan favorite. The Vienna is going to be smaller and more affordable than the Priv. There hasn’t been any leaks on the device memory or processing system yet. The the vienna is said to be more affordable than the Priv, which cost upwards of $800, this being said the Vienna being more affordable, will likely have less memory than the Priv.




The handset will be available in silver, grey, green and red. The leaked photos show a front-facing mono speaker, front and rear camera, volume rocker and power buttons on the side as well as micro SD and SIM card slots. It also looks like three physical buttons may be in place under the screen for the Android spell checker and menu button controls. The device will also feature the slide out QWERTY keyboard similar to the Priv.




Right now the Vienna is just a code name for a mock mobile phone model. BlackBerry will release a line of Android powered phones based on the popularity of the Priv. It is likely that this new device will be released within the next six months. This is my opinion based solely on the fact that BlackBerry leaked a photo of Venice which they later renamed to Priv when they bought out Good Technologies in September 2015, the Priv was in stores by mid November 2015.


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