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Tbt: Top 5 Movie Remakes

October 1st, 2015 | by Michael McCall
Tbt: Top 5 Movie Remakes


Movie remakes are the in thing right now, and they have been for a long time. With all the great movies that have ever been made, or even the crappy ones everyone wants to put their own spin on it, or make it better. So here is my top 5 movie remakes either their original or remake.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971/2005)charlie factory

Charlie and the Chocolate factory, made in 2005 staring Jonny Depp and directed by non-other Tim Burton did the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, based off the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory confusing right? Well just like the book title Depp’s version was a lot more like the book than the 1971 version starring Gene Wilder. Depp’s version was a lot weirder and defiantly had its own spin on the story but just like most of the movies on the list it just can’t hold up to the original movie.




12 Angry men (1957/1997)12

This late 50’s release showed a movie all based in a single room, 12 jurors sat in a room discussing a young man’s murder trial. All being convinced he is guilty except for one man who believes there is doubt that he convicted the murder. For the rest of the film he tries to convince the other 11 that there is doubt, to save a potential innocent man’s life who is facing death row. This movie is classed as a classic and I agree and it one of my favourite movies of all time. The 1997 remake got pretty good reviews but I couldn’t sit through it, it was just missing something to me, didn’t have the same feel.





Nightmare on Elm Street (1984/2010)nightmare

Wes Craven was one of the best horror movie creators of all time. He put out classics like The Hills have Eyes, Last house on the left, Scream, and the one everybody knows, Freddy Kruger’s Nightmare on Elm Street. In 1984 Robert Englund took on the role as the Dream Terror Freddy Kruger. Making everyone uncomfortable to sleep. Nightmare on Elm Street was a huge success, seems like the perfect thing to remake right? Seemed like it but when it came to the remake in 2010 the critics took a huge punch at the remake. I really enjoyed though despite its reviews, I enjoyed it and love the different angle they took on it. I couldn’t wait for the sequel but that idea was cut short soon after its release. Still can’t beat the original but I still give it the thumbs up.



Halloween (1978/2007)halloween

As long as remakes will be being made the most common genre we will see is most likely Horror movies. The second horror movie making this list is Halloween, You think the original was good? Well it was but you have to watch the 2007 remake directed by Rob Zombie. Not only does this film have its own spin on the story, but it goes deeper than the original. Not only is it a remake but they build in a prequel as well. I still prefer the original but this is one on the list the people can argue back and forth on which one is better.




Every Batman Movie ever madebatman

This is the only one on the list I may have not seen all the movies but I think I’ve seen enough to have my opinion on this series.  I may have said every Batman movie ever made but let’s classify I mean the live action ones. I think on this one everyone has to be brain dead if they don’t agree the Dark Knight series is the best ones made. From the acting, special effect, the stories, the characters. Just everything made this complete. The Dark Knight (2008) the second one in the trilogy is based the 4th best movie of all time according to 250 best movies of all time.

Do you agree on my top 5? What movies would you have in your top 5? Just do me a favour if anyone says Batman and Robin is better than the Dark Knight series, just give them a big slap for me.



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