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Talib Kweli and Niko victims of overseas attack

December 2nd, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Talib Kweli and Niko victims of overseas attack


Thanksgiving weekend has passed and for many families, it is a time to give thanks and blessings for what you have, as well as, go batshit crazy over supposed “deep discounts” on everything.  However, on what was suppose to be a European fan filled hip hop bonanza weekend , legendary activist rapper Talib Kweli and label mate/friend Niko, became victims of race fueled crime.


After arriving in Copenhagen, and making their way towards the venue, Kweli and Niko were attacked by unknown assailants.  Clearly shaken up by the violent attack, Kweli described it in a recent Instagram post:




No one is immune to the bullshit of hatred, regardless of the false beliefs it is based on.  Kweli, and Niko did a brave thing to keep on pushing and give what I am sure was an emotionally inspired show.  The punks might have left him with scratches, but as Kweli said, it only made him stronger.  We will all be stronger.



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