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Spider-Man May be Getting Younger

September 23rd, 2015 | by Michael McCall
Spider-Man May be Getting Younger

Early this year Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that they came to a deal which would allow Spider-Man to enter the Marvel cinematic universe and team a long side the Avengers. Clearly everyone got excited for this news, we are finally going to see one of the most beloved Marvel characters fight alongside Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk, but this also means one thing… Another Spider-Man reboot.

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To be honest I am tired of Spider-Man, not so much Spider-Man himself but just the same story being told. All together we have had 5 Spider-Man movies done by Sony and I can say I really only enjoyed two maybe two and half of them. I’m tired of seeing Peter Parker deal with the losing his Uncle Ben, being bit by a spider in a science lab, crushing on some girl who is out of his league, and well we may have a bunch of different villains that show up but you know green goblin or the hob goblin will be there somewhere.

Please NO MORE Peter Parker Reboot, they should take this opportunity to either bring in Milles Morals, there for we would get Spider-Man but a whole new origin story and something fresh but of course they have ruled this out and are sticking with Peter Parker. So why give him another Origin story? Can’t we just through him into a movie and say “Here’s Spidey you already know he’s story”?


We knew already that they wanted Peter to be younger than what he has been portrayed as before. We saw both Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s start in high school to eventually graduate. So how much younger did they want to go? Well they reported a few months ago the role will be taking on by 19 year Tom Holland, so 19 in Cinema is usually never 19 so how young are they making him? It’s been reported he will be in the early years of high school and be 15 years old. Right because the problem with all the other Spider-Man movies was cause they made him graduate to early. In an Interview with Empire Magazine director Jon Watts stated

“There are only so many times that you can kill Uncle Ben. I love the idea of making a coming-of-age high-school movie. We’re really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He’s just 15 now.”

So what does that mean? Are we going to see a Spider-Man universe where Uncle Ben is still alive? We’re going to get more of a back story I can see and get deeper into what he was like before the powers. To me it seems like we won’t see Uncle Ben die well not from the start anyways.

How can we have a Spider-Man movie without Uncle Ben dying? He was the motivation for Peter to become Spider-Man. Let me know what you guys think of this news and are you excited for yet another Spider-Man slash Peter Parker movie?



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