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Something New for the Indie Soul – Thrifty Kids

November 24th, 2015 | by Karly VanEvery
Something New for the Indie Soul – Thrifty Kids

“Kite flying afternoons,
I’ll hide from sun in your shadow,
Lilacs in full bloom,
We’ll take the boat on the meadow.”

– Sarah Cogan

If you enjoyed those lyrics, then you should listen to the rest of the song (which is conveniently provided below).

This is Thrifty Kids.

This unique atmospheric rock and chill wave sounding band has a lot to bring to the table. For example, Simon (the band’s drummer) is influenced by The Beatles and Dinosaur Jr., Dylan (lead guitarist) is influenced by Paul Anka, The Beach Boys, The Smith’s and The Beatles,  Sarah (lead singer) by Fleetwood Mac, Annie Lennox, and Van Morrison and Cam (bassist) by Supertramp and garage rock in general. With each member’s individual influences, you can gather the vibe that they add to their own particular sound, and let’s be honest; it’s fantastic and refreshing.


In the year of 2013, two of the four current members realized the potential of Thrifty Kids. During that year, Sarah (the band’s lead singer) and Dylan (lead guitarist) were given the opportunity, during their Music Program at Algonquin College, to record some songs in the college’s studio. This inevitably brought out the writing in their songs, and not too long after, they had six original songs on their side.

They started to establish themselves in Ottawa with various shows around the city, and even with a performance at Bluesfest, alongside other artists such as The Arkells, Lynard Skynard, Chvrches, Mother Mother, The Tragically Hip, and many more talented musicians and bands. Recently, Thrifty Kids relocated to Toronto in hopes for even more performances altogether. Even though the future can be seen as very distant for them, their ambition drives them to continuously craft new songs and to share them with audiences across the country someday… even worldwide.

Upcoming shows for Thrifty Kids are as follows:

November 27th @ The Silver Dollar Room
Toronto, ON
November 28th @ House Party Show
Ottawa, ON
December 18th @ Therapy Lounge
Brantford, ON

And a mini tour in January will be announced by the band.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. Links are as follows:



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