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SO you think you know Hip Hop?!

November 24th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
SO you think you know Hip Hop?!


I would never consider myself a genius, but when it comes to hip hop, I could possibly Phd graduate.  if you think you know the “Hip Hop”, I challenge you to take the Green Label “Are You a Rap Nerd Quiz”.


Green Label is a record label created by Mountain Dew specifically for independent artist of all genres.  It is a great site for all music fans – and it get s our definite approval.


The quiz is not for the run of the mill hip hop fan, but much, much, more.  If you have not consumed hours and hours of early 90’s to recent hip hop videos, rap magazines, and mixed tapes, the chances of you doing well on this quiz are slim to none.


You can take the quiz here: “QUIZ”, and don’t forget to check out the dope web site when you are done.


I have not taken the test myself but I am sure I will get at least 18/19.  Let us know how you do!



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