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Serato: The music industry’s go-to software

July 11th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Serato: The music industry’s go-to software


Amateur and professional DJs often refer to Serato as a leading audio engineering company but one of Serato’s new products might be the best yet.

The New Zealand-based tech company has arguably become the music industry’s go-to computer software and hardware company. Since Serato launched Scratch Live in 2004, it’s been hard to find a DJ or musician of any genre who’s not familiar with Serato.




Serato software has taken iOS users to new levels (literally) because the software can facilitate the marriage of vinyl and digital music files. As the Serato’s products continue to advance, it’s become easier for novice DJs and spinners to immerse themselves in the digital music universe.

Anyone with a laptop can start creating beats today with Serato’s easy-to-use apps. The company’s hardware is also worth trying; the Serato Reloop Terminal Mix 8, a DJ controller and beatpad, makes pumping beats easy and adding layers is a breeze.




If you want to learn about DJing, Serato is kind enough to let anyone give its DJ software a free spin. Click here to start creating your own beats today.

However, if you spend just a few minutes mixing tunes, don’t be surprised if you feel like a professional DJ.

If you’re an owner of Serato’s DJ Software but still don’t know how how powerful it can be, watch this video, in which DJ Jazzy Jeff lays down beats he’s producing using Serato software:




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