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R. Kelly – Gives us his rendition of a “Backyard Party”

August 25th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
R. Kelly – Gives us his rendition of a “Backyard Party”

Nobody does it like Kellz.  The 48 year old Chicago native, is not just a singer,songwriter, producer, and actor, but also a master of musical longevity and the ability to keep his music relevant.  The 3-time Grammy award winner, is back with another joint that I can only describe as “nice”; nice in a way that makes you  feel good about what you are doing right at the moment the song is playing, even causing you to do a two step with the closest person to you, that you care about.



R. Kelly’s latest single, “Backyard Party“, is somewhat of a departure from his most recent “sexy-time” album – “Black Panties“, released in 2013.  Backyard Party, is the lead single off of Kelly’s soon to be released 13th studio album – “Buffet”.  The song itself, is a simply an account of what R. Kelly does at a Backyard Party, but when he sings it the way he does, it sounds like a magical event.  The man who claims to have been the soundtrack of many baby making sessions, shows no signs of stopping any time soon.  It will be interesting to see which R. Kelly comes out for this album; the mature, grown folks music Kelly, or the master of sexual ceremonies Kelly?  Regardless, one can only expect the new album to be entertaining.


To find out more about R. Kelly, you can catch up with him here.



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