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“Purpose” Justin Bieber’s True Calling – Album Review

November 17th, 2015 | by Alisa Ali
“Purpose” Justin Bieber’s True Calling – Album Review


Shockingly Justin Bieber has come out with an album that truly reflects his love for R n B. The Usher inspired singer has truly grown from a pop star to a sensational rhythmic artist. Although Justin Bieber didn’t reveal why he named his album “Purpose” he did mention that he feels that he is  making the type of music that he’s always wanted to make now. Justin poured his heart and soul into this album and it is a true reflection of his mentor Usher’s R n B style.  It is no surprise to long time Bieber fans that within five minutes of the Album’s release it was #1 on ITunes and over the period of 24 hours he had over 41 million views on YouTube.


usher jb

JB and Usher


Justin revealed that in the 3 years that he stayed dormant he wrote over four albums worth of songs. The 18 track album starts off great with R n B inspired songs and one club mix as well and one pop song, towards the ending of the album it mellows out quite a bit but this could be because the singles are so strong. The mellowing of the album doesn’t take away from the fact that the melodies in each track are on point, the producers Diplo and Skrillex definitely excelled on this one. “Purpose” features two songs with collaborations, “ No Pressure” featuring Big Sean and “ No Sense” featuring Travis Scott.


Skrillex JB and Diplo

Skrillex JB and Diplo


“Where are you now” is a single that Biebs released earlier this year before the Album debut on Friday November 13, this track is definitely has been bumpin in the clubs. ” What Do You Mean” Justin’s second single from the “Purpose” album soared across charts touching the hearts of all of his fans including mine. I definitely heard the song on the radio and said to myself ” Wow Shawn Desmond’s new song is pretty ill”. Boy was I shocked when I YouTubed the song and realized it was Justin.



Justin Bieber was so convinced that his fans will like his new song “Sorry” that posted on Instagram on October 19 a vow to punch himself in the face repeatedly if his fans don’t like his new song. Personally, I believe Sorry is a great single it has danceable beats with catchy lyrics but my favorite song out of the entire album is “I’ll Show You”, this song sets the tone for the album.  It gave me goosebumps in the way that only feel-good music can.



While listening to the lyrics in his song “The feeling” you can tell that Justin has come a long way in love, he is no longer generalizing like he did in his hit single “ One Time”. Speaking from the heart isn’t the only difference in his writing, Justin’s title song “ Purpose” makes a tribute to his fans, “ Children” speaks about how the children are our future , which brings memories back of MJ in his prime and “ Love Yourself” speaks to his new sense of self. I have reviewed many R n B albums in my lifetime and there has been many times where I said to myself, well that was two hours of my life that I will never get back, this album is exempted from that. After reviewing this album, although there are a few tracks that I like a whole lot less than others I am very impressed with the beats and lyrics in the ones I loved. Justin Bieber should definitely feel a sense of accomplishment, for although his Album doesn’t compare to Usher’s 8701 he is definitely heading in the right direction.




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