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Panasonic Plans to Relaunch It’s Technics Turntable

September 14th, 2015 | by Alisa Ali
Panasonic Plans to Relaunch It’s Technics Turntable

Panasonic has revealed plans to relaunch its Technics turntable line at IFA 2015. The Technics SL-1200 was the industry standard for Djing with vinyl records until Panasonic discontinued the line in 2010. With sales of vinyl hitting an 18 year high last year, the market is primed for the return of Technics turntables.

A Video Clip of the Introduction to the Technics Turn Table


Technics is an electronics brand name which makes DJ sets, headphones, synthesizers, and turntables. Technics was originally introduced as a brand name for premium loudspeakers. The brand name gained popularity with their international sales of turntables.

Panasonic reveals that they are planning to upgrade all of the dynamics of the turntable which hasn’t been named. Including a new direct-drive motor with a core less stator that uses twin magnets for high torque. This disables clogging as the audio starts to play. The device also has a twin rotor that enables pinpoint speed control. The turntable will be made of aluminum with a pragmatic design in silver to match other Technic products.

Prototype for Technics new turntable

Prototype for Technics new turntable

Alongside the turntable Technics has also released three new products:

  1. The EAH-T700 is a set of closed-back headphones with large 50mm main drivers and 14mm “super-tweeters”.

Technics EAH-T700

  1. The Grand Class G30 series which includes a “reference-class” amp and a networked music server.



  1. The Ottava Premium Class C500 HiFi system and black C700 speakers.


Although the prototype for the turntable is released the price, tone arm, or controls won’t be revealed until the release of the finished product in 2016.



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