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October Movie Releases

September 29th, 2015 | by Michael McCall
October Movie Releases


It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner, but that’s not the only thing to get excited for. There are many new movies coming out this month, and some highly anticipated. I’m going to go through some of the one that I’m most excited or curious about. Because October is all about scarring the crap out of one another, we should kick off this list with some horror movies.

Paranormal Activity the Ghost Dimension


On October 23rd we will be getting the sixth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise with Paranormal Activity the Ghost Dimension, which will also be the last one in the series. I have no idea how this grabbed people’s attention for so long. For myself this franchise got old fast. The first one was okay but how can you possibly be getting freaked out by the same thing over and over again. I guess we’ll have to see how this one turns out.  It does still have hope I mean they have mirrors and little girls that’s kind of creepy.

chirstmas horror

A Christmas Horror Story

Keeping the horror movies in perspective this one I’m actually really excited for. On October 2nd we’ll see this one come to theaters and we will see a very different outlook on Christmas.  In Germany and all over Europe Kids believe in more than just Santa Claus, they believe in Krampus, Someone who tags alone with Santa Claus during the holiday season to deliver punishment instead of toys to the naughty girls and boys. Even though this is a little bit of a Christmas movie, I am sure it’ll freak the naughty kids out in time for Christmas.


witch hunter

The Last Witch Hunter

I don’t know if you can exactly call this one a horror movie, but there will be more movies released other than horror ones in October. This one makes the list strictly because of its huge cast. We will see Vin Deasil, Michael Caine, Elijah Wood, and many more big stars. The trailer didn’t really catch my interest, but I know it will be a huge hit in the box office but I’m expecting low reviews from the critics on this one. You will be able to watch The Last Witch Hunter on October 23rd.



Almost everyone as a kid had watched the Goosebump t.v shows or had at least read the books. This October 16th we will see Jack Black take on the highly respected series. Taking on a completely different direction than expected, we will have Jack Black as the Author of the books R.L Stine. Having his characters he created in the books pop out into the real life. He and his new neighbor and friends try to get the creatures back to the books they belong to. I’m not exactly excited for this movie, after seeing the plot and well Jack Black, I’ll still go see this one to reminisce about my childhood.


The Martian

This one is probably one of the highest anticipated movies of the month and its one I’m not excited for. Maybe I am just tired of the Space movie right now, or because there’s not a lot of space movie I actually like but here’s another, with Matt Damon. In The Martian we will see another accident go horribly wrong in space. Matt Damon’s character finds himself on a planet and being presumed dead. He needs to get a single to earth to let NASA he is alive and they work on getting him back safely to earth. So nothing new for a space movie where one is to survive and be all alone. This will be released October 2nd

These are just very few of movies being release in October. We will also see another movie about Steve Jobs, another remake of a Peter Pan movie called Pan. We will get a comedy horror movie base off the Zombie craze right now called Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and other anticipated movies like Legend, Burnt, and Crimson Peak. Are you excited for any of the movies mentioned or any movies I didn’t, let me know.





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