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Numark’s Mixtrack Edge: a toolbox for the mobile DJ

July 7th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Numark’s Mixtrack Edge: a toolbox for the mobile DJ

Ever since the global domination of digital audio, it’s not only become the standard of recording, manipulation, mass-production and distribution of sound, its availability and potability has ultimately changed the way we listen and share music.

There was once a time, that in order to be considered a DJ in any shape or form, it required a lot of equipment, and the ultimate tools of the trade – vinyl records. The disc jockey had to be both resourceful and to a degree physically fit to tote the required elements needed to light up the dance floor.

The introduction of CDs helped reduce the amount of “things” the Dj had to carry with them to each gig, but it was the dawn of .mp3 files that completely reduced the load to the extreme that anyone with a laptop, mixer, and storage space for thousands of .mp3s can call themselves a DJ.

In all honesty, simply having tools of the trade does not make you a DJ by any stretch of the imagination. Believe me – I have seen one too many YouTube clips of DJs whom I shall not name, who were twisting a couple of dials and push a few buttons without having any influence on their prerecorded set.

However, this kind of trickery is not stopping millions of people from chasing their dream of becoming DJs and having their names chanted at international EDM music festivals.

Are you one of those people whose looking to start a DJ journey? You’ll require a beginners tool kit. But have no fear – the Numark Mixtrack Edge is here.


As stated on the Numark website, the Numark Mixtrack Edge the ideal combination of essential capability and compact design. Mixtrack Edge is a controller every DJ should have in their arsenal. At just 14 mm thin, Mixtrack Edge goes anywhere with ease. Its low-profile design features an integrated cover to protect the control surface and a full array of bright backlit controls surrounded by brushed aluminum. It’s small in size but big on features, so you can command your mix with precision.mixtrackedge_compareThe full metal platters let you browse through your music library, cue the next track, search, scratch, and adjust pitch, all without touching your computer or mouse. Mixtrack Edge’s slim metal platters put you in control of it all. And its tight sample, loop, and hot cue controls on both decks give you the power of instant creativity.

There’s even an audio interface built-in for headphone cueing and output to a PA system. Mixtrack Edge also comes with Virtual DJ LE software and a 1/8″-to-RCA audio cable so you can start mixing right away.

Mixtrack Edge is class-compliant with iOS and PC devices and operates via standard MIDI, so it’s compatible with virtually any DJ software.




Mixtrack Edge has a built-in cover and ultra-slim design for a reason — it’s made to keep you, your mix, and your audience moving. Mixtrack Edge is also USB-powered, so no power adapter is required and setting it up is simple, so you can mix anytime and anywhere.

One of our favourite aspects about this mixer is that is comes with free access to a beginner version of Serato DJ Intro software, which is one of the most powerful and widely used DJ softwares in the world.

So, if you’re looking to take a shot at DJing, but aren’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars and still want to have a solid mixer, the Numark Mixtrack Edge might be for you.

To find out more information about this product or the Serato DJ Intro software, check them out here.




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