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Nikki Minaj’s Ex files lawsuit against her

November 17th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Nikki Minaj’s Ex files lawsuit against her


Nikki Minaj may be cuddling up with continual hip hop beef loser Meek Mill these days, when she is not embarrassed by his recent defeats on the mic and over every social media medium.  However, before him, Nikki used to share sweet nothings with long time bandmate boyfriend rapper/producer Safaree Samuels.


Since their break up in August of last year, ending their 12 year relationship, Safaree has been on a dating spree with a series of models, while taking time out between relationships to share jabs with Nikki over social media.  Safaree has repeatedly stated that he was a big part of Nikki’s success, including writing her rhymes.




Well things have finally seem to come to a head, as Safaree has taken his claims to the next level, as TMZ reported that he was about to file a lawsuit against Nikki and is suing for profits from albums that he has said to have contributed to which include, The Pinkprint, Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.


It will be hard for Nikki to dispute that he had a part in her success and the albums as he is credited as a executive producer on Pink Friday and The Pinkprint.  Safaree has also shared that has video documentation of his music sessions with Nikki, voice memos from studio sessions, and other videos of them working together.


Let’s see how far this goes.  Breakups are shitty, but when you loose money too, that makes for a real bad day!



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