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New Video By One Direction “Drag Me Down”

August 24th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
New Video By One Direction “Drag Me Down”
One Direction

One Direction Photograph: Modest Management

New Video By One Direction “Drag Me Down” 

Well if you didn’t think that One Direction was one of the biggest groups ever think again. Last week the group dropped their latest music video and to give you an idea of how big they are they had well over a million tweets trending on twitter.

The same day that they decided to release the video it happened that North Korea said they are willing to go to war and yes that’s right One Direction was the talk of the day with the video. I am not sure if this is because this group is that big or our world is completely lost, but we will let you make that decision when you see the video.

Here is the Latest Video by one of the biggest groups of all time

Tell us what you think and if One Direction is truly the greatest Boy Band of all time



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