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New Video by Kendrick Lamar “These Walls”

November 2nd, 2015 | by Otis Coker
New Video by Kendrick Lamar “These Walls”

Kendrick Lamar has dropped his latest video “These Walls”. Kendrick’s latest album has been part of ┬ámany discussions on if this was a top album of 2016 or not. There are many that believe that his latest album “Pimp to a Butterfly” is not as good as the critics say, and that it was a difficult listen. When Kendrick was making this album you would have to believe that he figured he would get some of this critisisom. With that being said I think that if Kendrick wanted to make a traditional album it would be easy for him. I congratualte him on not settling for what the main stream media wants. From front to back the Kendrick album is a work of art, and it is not a easy listen, but that is what music is meant to be. If all music is as simple as it is becoming we will not want to hear it anymore. Check out the latest video from Kendrick below, as he gives us not just a video but a story and a funny one as well



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