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Is Men In Black set for a Reboot?

October 1st, 2015 | by Michael McCall
Is Men In Black set for a Reboot?

Looks like the Men in Black will be getting a reboot, but without star Will Smith. This made big news and was a surprise for many seeing they will take the franchise further without the star who helped bring it to its success. How can you be that surprised though? Think about it, a reboot that means starting new, not necessarily starting all over or using the same characters as different actors so why would we need Will Smith if they decide to follow different agents in the same universe.

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If this goes through the new project will be done as a trilogy and done by Sony. That means another three Men in Black movies which I’m not against. The first two Men in Black movies were released in 1997 where the sequel was soon to follow in 2001. That’s the way it was for 10 years, until 2012 they released the third movie to the trilogy.  I was a big fan of the third film, I felt it was fresh and we got a bit of a back story on Will Smiths character which we all kind of wanted. It felt fresh because we went ten years without a Men in Black film and I thought that made it help. Look at Jurassic world that was released earlier this year. Everyone loved it, it broke box office records. The reason it worked? They didn’t redo the series they continued it 14 years later.


No one is sure on what direction the film will take but talking with The Hollywood Reporter the franchise producers made it pretty clear we won’t see Will Smith back returning to his role. There was also no official news on either Tommy Lee Jones will appear as his current role, but also made it clear they are still the talking stage. So what do you guys think, should we get another Men in Black Trilogy? If so should it be a prequel?  Or would you like to see it continue with two different agents?




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