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Man Up Show – August 24 – Getting Out of the Dog House

August 24th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Man Up Show – August 24 – Getting Out of the Dog House


With the recent release of a list of over 36 million members of the infidelity facilitating site “Ashley Madison”, the fallout has the potential of destroying many, many, relationships.  In the current technological age we live in today, very few secrets actually remain secrets, and skeletons in your closet are exposed for everyone to read and see.


If you happen to one of the truly unlucky who has been impacted by the ‘Ashley Madison” hack, or have been caught cheating, the truth is it sucks, regardless of the reasons behind your actions. If you are however, looking to save your relationship, That Man Coke and MD tha Dr. of the “Man Up Show” are here to provide you with some straight up advice and recommendations to get you out of the dog house and back in the arms of your loved ones…or not.



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