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Last Week in Review: Alessia Cara, Jacob Anderson & Bj the Chicago Kid

August 17th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Last Week in Review: Alessia Cara, Jacob Anderson & Bj the Chicago Kid


Last week in music…


alessia here

Alesia Cara

We get to know about some of the artists that are up and coming and have started to make some noise in the industry, Jacob Anderson, Alessia Cara, and Bj the Chicago Kid plus much much more.

We had the opportunity to showcase a lot of artists this week. Some that have been in the game for a while and some that are new to the game. One thing that we know is that if you want to hear good music you need to dig deep because the average radio station may not be playing them which is unfortunate.

Canada has been strong in the music game and continues to do so with artists like Alesia Cara. Of course we also have Bj the Chicago Kid that has been in the game and is starting to make some big moves. One artist that has been in the game for a bit is Jacob Anderson and he also is an actor in a show that is extremely popular.

Well lets just get right into it This Is Vinyl House gives you a week in review.


Jacob Anderson not just about GOT


Jacob Anderson better known as Grey Worm from the hit television series Game of Thrones has more then one talent. Unless you have been under a rock for the a while you would have heard of GOT. Jacob Anderson better known as Grey plays a character that does not smile, laugh or joke, his main character focusing on protecting his Queen and taking NO prisoners. As a GOT fan I can honestly say that I was shocked when I heard that he was a singer as well. This gives you an idea of his acting skills.

Well Jacob Anderson or Grey Worm also goes by the name Raleigh Ritchie and he is extremely talented. Raleigh has been singing for a while now but it has been over shadowed by the hit series GOT. In one of his more popular singles “Stronger Than Ever” you get to hear Raleigh at his best

Alessia Cara is HERE


With the likes of artist such as the  Weeknd and Drake leading the urban music world in both r&b and hip hop respectively, it seems that Canada is finally starting to regaining some notoriety for creating some of the great musical talents today of the genre. The list of Canadians who sit at the top of urban music elite is growing, and very soon, the top will have to make room for another star that goes by the name Alessia Cara.

19-year old Alessia Cara from Brampton, Ontario (Canada), has been making a name for herself in the r&b world.  The young songstress who has already been compared to artists such as Lorde, start playing guitar at the age of 10, and started showcasing her talent to the world via Youtube and to anyone who would listen at the tender age of 13.

Bj the Chicago Kid is set to take off


Withe the release of Dr. Dre’s long awaited studio album  – Compton: A Soundtrack today, the wait is finally over for more than just fans of Dr. Dre and hip hop alike, this album will also be the platform in which the music careers of a few select lesser known artist (definitely not because of their talents) will begin to sky rocket.

Chicago native, Brian James Sledge, better known as BJ the Chicago Kid, or just BJ to his friends, is one of the select talented artists, the Dr. Dre has decided to let shine on the soon to be hip hop classic album.  BJ is no strange to working with some of hip hop’s and r&b’s elite, as he played a vocal back up roles for the likes of Mary Mary, Stevie Wonder, wrote music for Crystal Aikin, Shirley Caesar, Lalah Hathaway, Joe and Kindred the Family Soul, and was featured on tracks with Kanye West, Twister and Keyshia Cole.


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