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Kendrick Lamar is Doing his Best to Keep Hip Hop Together (Editorial)

October 5th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Kendrick Lamar is Doing his Best to Keep Hip Hop Together (Editorial)

It’s not unusual for me to go on rants about Hip Hop and how it has lost it’s way. I truly believe that Hip Hop is a few years away from joining the likes of Jazz music because of the disappearance of the culture. There is many people to blame for this but let’s focus on the current artists and what they are rapping about. Don’t get me wrong back in my day we had a bunch of artists rapping about garbage as well. The difference is that those artists rapping about garbage were not the voice of Hip Hop those artists were not the artists that drove the culture. That is one of the significant differences.


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We have a limited amout of artists today that are keeping our music and cultire alive and no offense to Future, Fetty Wap, Migos and those guys but other acts but they are not the ones. With such limited amount of true Hip Hop talent we need to thank ourselves for artists like Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar’s album got great reviews but what was surprising to me was that when I spoke to a lot of people they just didn’t get the album. I believe part of the reason is because people in this day and age don’t truly listen to music and albums, we get caught up in the singles or worse yet the chorus lines. That is what defines a great track to so many people now.

Recently Kendrick went on to the Colbert Report and did a new song that was untitled and had yet to be released, and it was probably better then almost anything that I have heard in months. It is scary to think that he literally has tracks like this in his back pocket and they speak and have more substance then almost every track that comes out now. Drake and Future just released a mix CD and the internet nearly shut down, but I ask what about the album do you like, what are they saying to make you think a little more.

Hip Hop has definitely lost it’s was and we need to work hard to get it back and the start is by making sure to listen to artists like Kendrick. Take the time to listen and challenge your mind with what is being said. Hip Hop is not suppose to be easy to understand its, poetry, its an art and with all great poetry and art it is difficult to understand sometimes but that is what makes it beautiful.

Go to 4:10 to go straight to the track



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