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Justin Bieber and One Direction Scheduled to Release Albums on the Day

October 28th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Justin Bieber and One Direction Scheduled to Release Albums on the Day

It seems as if Justin Bieber and One Direction are scheduled to release their latest albums on the same day. Both are set to release on the 13th of November and all though they may be saying it doesn’t matter one would have to believe it absolutely does. In an interview Harry Styles Niall Horan had the following to say.

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“We just happen to be releasing our albums on the same day,” said Horan. “It’s happened to us before; our first couple of albums were released on the same day as Rihanna. I think the press have just made a bit of a deal out of it because it’s us and Justin Bieber. It’s fine. You know you’re gonna be up against someone in the charts — it just happens that we have fallen on the same day.”

So I am guessing that this is the right thing to say because this is not exactly Kanye and 50 Cent releasing on the same day which turned into a big back and forth, more of a forth from 50. These are two very big pop artists though possibly the biggest right now so album sales are going to be something to watch for. Justin has been doing a great job marketing himself lately, and he has created that great Love/Hate relationship with his audience. There is something to be said about the latest singles that he has been dropping as well. The production has been fantastic and the melodies and writing are write on point.

As for the One Direction crew they are the beloved boy band that can’t seem to do wrong. The music that they make hits the charts and hits the charts hard. The last time they released a track it was on the same day that there was discussion about North Korea and possibility of war. Take a guess what was trending most on twitter if you guessed North Korea you are wrong. Ya I know it doesn’t say much for our society, but hey.

If I was a betting man on album sales I would out my money on One Direction, If I am betting on which album is going to be better I would put my money on the Biebs and to be honest I can officially say that I have never listened to a One Direction album.

Tell us what you think and who you think will have bigger first week sales.



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