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How Pathetic has the Rap Beef Got

September 30th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
How Pathetic has the Rap Beef Got

It amazes how pathetic the Rap Beef has got. When I was into Hip Hop I was listening to beefs with Ice Cube and NWA, Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J, Jay Z vs. Nas, BDP vs. X Clan these are just to name a few because I can go on and on. This year we had beefs between Meek Mill and Drake if you want to really call that a beef and now the latest between The Game and Young Thug, are these guys serious. How is this a battle what is the point and why would anyone listen to this. What happened to two MC’s actually battling each other, lyrically? What happened to catchy versus that had the consumers thinking, What happened to punch lines and more importantly what happen to the skill that was actually required to be a MC.


Jay Z vs. Nas

Who really cares about these artists and the beefs that they do or don’t have anymore. It breaks my heart that Hip Hop has got to the point it is currently at right now. We used to look forward to beefs between MC’s because it showed skills and as long as you kept it to the studio it was cool. Now when some of these rappers dis someone I don’t even understand what they are saying and I am certain they don’t. What should we expect though when the average song that you hear has no substance how can they truly put a dis track together. I am praying that Hip Hop does not end up like Jazz but at this rate we are not far away.



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