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Hottest Accessories for Fall 2015

October 19th, 2015 | by Alisa Ali
Hottest Accessories for Fall 2015
Who doesn’t love to accessorize?! That shirt, has to match those shoes over there and don’t forget that hat, top it off with those heels and that purse. ┬áCheck out the hottest accessories for Fall 2015.
Wide Brim Hats
This season the wide brim hats are in. Suit up and pull out your wide brim fedora for your next sunday stroll.

Wool Hat

The Mini Purse
No more getting lost in your duffel bag of a purse this season. Dust off the smallest purse you have hiding in your closet and shine it up for this fall season because mini purses are back in style. The smaller the purse the better.
Mini purse
Lace Up Shoes
Whether it be flat or in heels the lace up shoes are back in style. These shoes are guaranteed to accentuate those long legs for both work and casual purposes.
lace up shoes
Remember the show ” Ugly Betty”? Do you remember her outfit on the second day of work?
ugly betty
You guessed it! The poncho is back in style for this season.
Scarves never go out of style because they’re the must have items for the winter. This season scarves are getting very vibrant. This season go all out and wear the colors that make you stand out in a crowd.
Gold Statement Jewelry
Gold jewelry never goes out of style. This season make a statement be bold with your gold, flash your gold jewelry in the biggest way possible.
Chunky Heels
Although stiletos aren’t out of the picture the safe haven of heels the chunky heel, has made a comeback for the fall season.
High Top Sneaks
Get ta stompin in your High Top Air Force Ones! My all time favorite accessory is back in style , high tops are back !
Weather it be flashy or savoury the winter is coming and the time to accessorize is now!



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