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Hip Hop needs more Just Blaze

August 17th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Hip Hop needs more Just Blaze

Just Blaze and Jay Z

Hip Hop needs more Just Blaze

There is a lot to be said about the Hip Hop industry now, it has changed a lot in the last few years. MC’s do not worry about lyrics anymore, that’s if you want to call them MC’s now. The culture has taken a backseat to the business so, most people don’t know the history of the music that we once loved a and the production is repetitive and lacks originality.

This is why we need more production from the likes of producers like Just Blaze. If you know Hip Hop well you will know that Just Blaze blessed us with beat after beat for summer after summer. It’s time for these guys to come back and take over the game, that they owned for such a long time. For some producers this would be hard because they are specific to that time in Hip Hop but Just Blaze was way ahead of the game. Do you think that any producer can give you heat like PSA – Take a listen

This is what I am talking about and why Hip Hop needs producers like Just Blaze back in the game. Its not like I am saying that he is completely gone but he is definately not showing up on as many tracks as we need. Maybe this would help some of these Hip Hop artists sound better, or maybe he just thinks that they are walk and they dont deserve his work. Remember Just Blaze was not only about Hip Hop he also set the world on fire with R&B tracks like “Throwback” by Usher

Just Blaze Miracle

Just Blaze Miracle

These are just a few of a library that could have us putting

our hands up for months upon months. Even when Just puts beats out for people to hear, he is far ahead of the game. I think the kids need to listen and understand what production truly is. Raise your hands to the air and take the miracle that he has given everyone, and hope he returns to produce more



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