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Has Rihanna become American’s Worst Nightmare

May 9th, 2015 | by
Has Rihanna become American’s Worst Nightmare

Seems like it was not long ago this young Bajan girl by the name of Rihanna jump on to the scene and we all said wow she is so so so cute. Look at her dancing and singing I love that song “Pon da repla” she is just so cute the next new top 40 artist is here. Well its 10 years from that track being dropped and Rihanna is out with her newest single “Bitch betta have me money” LMFAO – As I am writing this I cannot help but laugh she has gone from “Pon da Repla” to “Bitch betta have my Money”. Well I can say that I love this Rihanna, I love the art, I love the music, I love the fashion, I love what she has become. Young black and don’t give a……..

10 years ago parents in the suburbs loved this Rihanna when little Becky came home and said listen to this song mommy, Now the same parents need to here little Becky 10 years later blast “Bitch betta have my Money” from her bedroom, with the door locked with a sign that says “Stay the Hell Out.”

Rihanna has always tested the boundaries and delivered art that has transformed the way we look at R&B today. We look forward to her next album and more of Rihanna becoming more and more comfortable with who and what she is. I am all in with Rihanna and hells ya “Bitch betta have my Money”




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  1. Mark Duah says:

    I see nothing wrong with you Ri-Ri…absolutely nothing.

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