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Feature Artist – Victoria Monet

August 20th, 2015 | by Otis Coker
Feature Artist – Victoria Monet

victoria monet

Today’s feature artist is Victoria Monet.

Victoria is a singer song writer from Sacramento California. One of our favorite tracks by Victoria has to be 90’s Baby. In 90’s Baby Victoria gives us a throwback that truly brings you back to the 90’s. The video is not just a video that highlights stuff from the 90’s it is actually shot with technology from the 90’s. What a brave concept for a video for an artist that is still making her way up. In this video you will see clips that pay homage to 2 Pac, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and also FUBU. She definately knows what kept the culture moving at that time.


Victoria has also featured on tracks with the likes of BoB “Lean on Me”. One of the things that I love about Victoria is her versatility. You can see how unique she is from songs like Lean on Me to “Malice in Wonderland. Victoria’s vocal strength speaks for itself.

Here are some more tracks by Victoria Monet and if you want to learn more about her click here  to go to her official website






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