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Dusky – UK’s Electronic Sentation

August 26th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Dusky – UK’s Electronic Sentation


Damn you UK!  Always setting the bar so high with your multitude of talented electronic music DJs and producers.  Truthfully, I am not mad at you, rather, I often find myself in awe with the depth of musically talented artists who have found their start amongst your borders, and have made an impact in every section of the wide and ever evolving spectrum of electronic music.


The duo of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, better known as Dusky, have emerged on the electronic music scene and in a few short years, have established themselves as leaders in the genre.  Even before the release of what the band refers to as their breakthrough track “Flo Jam” in 2012, Dusky gained the attention of some of electronic music’s legends, as Peter Tong himself, named their debut album “Stick by This”, as one of the best albums of 2011.




Since 2012, Dusky has been very busy putting out hit after hit, and wowing fans with their electric live shows at both festivals and clubs.  Dusky have released their tracks on a number of labels, such as: Anjunadeep, Simple Records, Dogmatik Records, Aus Music, Naked Naked, and of course their very own 17 steps.  The draw of their music is their ability to integrate their diverse musical influences, ranging from Jazz to the avant-garde, with heavy electronic style beats.  Dusky’s musical formula has produced hits such as “Calling Me”, “Mr. Man”, “Love Taking Over” EP, and “Yoohoo/Akebono”, just to name a few, and there seems to be no signs of them slowing down anytime soon.




To learn more about the magic of Dusky, and to peep their new EP “Ordinary World” released on July 31, you can catch up with them here.



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