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DJ Premier + The Badder = BPATTER

September 11th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
DJ Premier + The Badder = BPATTER


As one of the undisputed heavyweights of hip hop, producer/DJ extraordinaire, and one half of the legendary hip hop group Gangstarr, DJ Premier has for over 30-years, rocked stages and crowds with not only his music but also with his incredible talent on the one’s and two.  There is not one hip hop fan who does not get a smile on their face or reach a high level of excitement when they found out that DJ Premier is part of a musical project, because truthfully, 9 times out of 10, chances are – it is going to be a banger.



Over his many years in the game, Premier has worked with countless artists, from as genres of music and his constantly evolving production style, is a clear display of his love and respect of music from all eras and genres.  Above all, Premier’s love for funk and jazz has driven him to utilize turntables as an instrument in the same manner as a Jazz musician would use a trumpet or saxophone, and utilized musical samples from this gene which has become his signature sound.



Premier has worked with Jazz musicians before, and has even contributed on Branford Marsalis‘ – Buckshot LeFonque music project.  Premier is at it again, with a new video and track with the live band by the name The Badder.  The drum/horn/bass group and Premier have created an instrumental piece that focuses heavily on Premier’s scratching and the rare sound of his voice, a rare addition, not often included in much his musical catalogue.   “Bpatter” is catchy and the video is pretty cool with a black and white vibe.  Check Premo as he takes his talents t the next level if that is even possible.





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