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Canadian Rapper Madchild puts Drake Above All Others

October 16th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Canadian Rapper Madchild puts Drake Above All Others


In a recent interview with the Canadian online music blog Montreality, Shane Bunting, better known as Madchild, one half of the Canadian hip hop group Swollen Members, talked about music and life.  What was most interesting about his interview, was his unadulterated praise for fellow Canadian rapper and mega-star Drake.  Madchild shared the following about Drake:


“He’s the biggest artist in the world. He’s bigger than Jay Z now. He’s bigger than everybody. He’s bigger than Lil Wayne. He’s bigger than anyone [that] ever was,” said Madchild. “He’s the biggest. He’s as big as Eminem was when Eminem was the biggest.”


Without a doubt, Drake has been continuously blowing up the music charts over the last 5 years. He has proven himself as a great artist; and the chances of his stardom dimming anytime soon, is pretty much zero.  However, it will take a lot more number 1 hits to reach the heights of success of some of the artist Madchild has compared him too.



Artists such as Eminem and Jay-Z, have sold over 40 million and 27 million albums respectively, over their careers; compared to Drake’s 8 million albums .  Despite the change in climate for album purchases, Drake’s 100  – Hot 100 song entries are pale in comparison to his Young Money CEO Lil Wayne who ranks 3rd, with 127  – Hot 100 song entries.


However, when it comes to the most prestigious award in the music industry, Drake has won one Grammy. Jay Z has won 21, Eminem has won 15, and Lil Wayne has won 4. Kanye West is tied with Jay Z for the most Grammy wins by a rap artist (21).


The truth Drake is young, has talent, and will be in the game for some time.  Even-though he has had great success, He is going to earn a lot more stripes to reach the status of the artist Drake has often referred to as his his idols.



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