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BlackBerry Buys Out Good Technology

September 7th, 2015 | by Alisa Ali
BlackBerry Buys Out Good Technology

On September 4, 2015 Blackberry announced that they are finalizing the buyout of Good Technologies. Blackberry has agreed to buy Good Technologies for $425 Million USD.  Following this breaking news, Blackberry’s shares are up by 4%.

Good Technologies has a complicated history dating back to the year 2000. Back then their company name was Spring Things. Soon after in 2006 Good Technologies was acquired by Motorola. In 2009 they sold the company to email provider Visto, who changed the company’s name to Good Technology upon acquisition.

In 2004 the Spring Things (Good’s original company name) settled a patent lawsuit with BlackBerry Limited, by agreeing to license Blackberry technology. Blackberry and Good have similar technological platforms and have been rivals for years. Blackberry focused primarily on secure device management. Good focused primarily on applications for IOS, android and windows devices.

Blackberry also sued Typo LLC owned by Ryan Seacrest, for making QWERTY keyboards that were compatible with the iPhone. Blackberry claimed that Typo copied their keyboard design including the slant on the keys. Typo came out with a second line of keyboards which lead to another design lawsuit from Blackberry.

Typo LLC Keyboard for Iphone 6

Typo LLC Keyboard for Iphone 6

In June 2015 John Chen the CEO said “If I can find a way to secure the Android phone, I will also build that”.  This lead to talks of a Franken Blackberry, which is a phone with Android capabilities and looks but Blackberry security and keyboard. Last month Evan Blass leaked a photo of the Franken Blackberry, which has a full QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath a full length touch screen. Blackberry also leaked a photo of the phone on a Taiwanese website called Tenhte.

The Franken Blackberry’s hidden QWERTY keyboard slides out from beneath the phone similar to the Torch design. The keys appear to be round and not flat like the Motorola and Nokia model phones. There is a micro SD card slot located on the top of the device. An 18 megapixel rear camera. On the rear there is a textured pattern similar to the carbon fiber backing Motorola used on their Razor models. It appears that the battery cannot be removed. This would be a problem as the platform slows down without a daily manual reboot. As far as the applications, pictured on the home screen are mainly android applications. There is no depiction of the (BBM) icon.


Leaked photo of Blackberry’s new phone

The negotiations are expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2016. The plan is to keep the mobile entities separate for a short period of time before they merge both technologies into one secure super phone.



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