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Avid: Making music with Pro Tools

July 28th, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Avid: Making music with Pro Tools

As the the life of a Dj progress, and the desire to do more than just mix music for the masses grows, the next logical step in the Dj life cycle, is to finally make the music that he/she wants to play.  The desire to make your mark on music history rather than just play the works of others, is without a doubt the goal of every musical artist.


The question remains, how does one make that leap from Dj to producer? The truth is, that step is a giant one, however, technology has made it much easier for the creative with a song in their head and a rather small, to turn their dream into a reality.  One of the most widely used music production software in the music industry for decades is the digital audio workstation developed by Avid Technology  – Pro Tools.



Developed by UC Berkley graduated Evan Brooks and Peter Gotchen, in 1984, the first release of the  Pro Tools all digital audio workstation software in 1991, was designed to be a replacement to a physical multitrack recorder and mixer.  With additional features that can only be performed in the digital realm shook the music industry despite it high price tag and rather limited configuration compared to today’s standards.  Avid’s revolutionary software set off a change that resulted in many similar products and even certification programs as it became an industry standard in the musical recording industry.


At the ripe old age of 26, and the recipient of countless upgrades and improvements, Pro tools still lives strong in the recording studios of many of today’s elite musical artists of all genres and musical art forms,  in addition to the one mic basement studios on your local neighborhood Dj.



With the recent release of Avid’s Pro Tools First software, it provides the most beginner of sound or music producers with the much of the same tools the software has once limited to its highest manifestation of its product. It allows the anyone to quickly record, edit, and mix music anywhere very easily.  The accessibility to virtual instruments and other plug in software, gives way to creativity at the highest level without the need to have an endless supply of instruments.  Avid has also joined the cloud storage trend and has allowed users to store their master pieces on their secure cloud so that music can be accessed form anywhere.




With all this at one’s fingertips, the sky is the limit for any musical composer regardless of experience or level of familiarity with previous Pro Tools variations.  The best part of the Pro Tools First software is that Avid is providing it free for users who sign up on their site for the product.  Not surprisingly, due to the high demand of the product, there is currently a bit of a wait before you get your email to give you access to download it, but what the hell, it is free.


If you are hesitant to make that leap from Dj to music producer, or you don’t know where to begin, give Avid’s Pro Tools First software a try.  You never know, you could hearing a sea of fans singing along to your songs before you know it.  To get on the list for this software, chick here.


To find out more about Avid’s Pro Tools First Software click here.



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