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Akon passed on Drake

October 1st, 2015 | by Mark Duah
Akon passed on Drake


People say to live life to the fullest and never live with regret, however, in some situations you look back at a major mistake and just say “Shit!”. In a recent interview with Montreality, an online Montreal based music blog, St. Louis born multi-platinum artist and music label CEO Akon, spoke about his life, music, and what turned out to be a passed over opportunity to make a lot of money.


During the interview, Akon spoke about his choice to pass on signing mega-star rapper Drake long before he joined Lil’ Wayne’s “Young Money” label.  Despite signing artist such as Lady Gaga, and T-Pain to his Konvict Muzik and KonLive labels, and developing them into international stars, Akon expressed, that when he first heard Drake’s music that was brought to him by Konvict Muzik artist and fellow rapper-producer Kardinal Offishall , he felt he was just not ready.  In the interview Akon shared this:


“I honestly did pass on him (Drake) because at the time, he didn’t sound like what he sounded like today,”…“The ‘Best I Ever Had,’ it wasn’t even close to what that sounded like. I think he was at a position where he was finding himself. And I kind of heard it in the music, but ultimately, as time goes, people develop and they get better and they become the best because of things like that.”


Akon went on further to share:


“I think his confidence has grown a lot,”  You can see it on stage now. He’s fully-developed. Right now, I just feel like he’s the top at what he do.”


Without a doubt, Akon has done very well with who he has chosen to be part of his label, and I am sure he has made enough money to live a few life times.  However, I am sure he wish he could have taken the decision to pass on Drake back.  To hear more from Akon, watch the interview in full below.





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