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American Horror Story Review: Episode’s 1 & 2

October 19th, 2015 | by Karly VanEvery
American Horror Story Review: Episode’s 1 & 2

A new season, a new story – a gory story.
American Horror Story has always been known to twist and tie knots in the stomachs of its viewers. Episodes one and two of Hotel definitely won’t come as any surprise to fans of the series.

AHS Hotel.

Episode one, or “Checking In” introduced us with a few of the primal characters and the creepy setting of the worn-down, and shady hotel. The action starts with two mysterious children eating… or drinking the blood of a young girl who seems to have checked in with her friend. From there, detective John Lowe is introduced into the episode giving it a really strong crime feel.

He focuses on unravelling a twisted case, while investigating at the hotel… and he too holds something painful to his heart – something unfathomable almost. In the meantime… something else was being questioned. Why is everyone drinking blood? The Countess, and Donovan seem to be hunting people for their blood – but why? There are some answers to this in episode two.
It seems that the Countess and Donovan are blood suckers that must avoid the light, and must be smart about their immortality.


Aside from that aspect of the show, a new character is introduced – and most definitely (well probably) the most evil character of the entire season. This is James March, and in episode two we find out that he is the founder of the Hotel. What makes this more eerie is that he designed the hotel for his murders. Chilling, right? On top of that, he has a side-kick (Miss Evers) who cleans up his murder messes. With all of this unfolding, the story has been set, the characters are being quickly discovered, and now… we just let the drama and horror unwind.

So far I think that American Horror Story is on track for another solid season if episode 1 & 2 are any indication of what we are in for.



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